Boutique Residential Community

BROOKSIDE FARM is a residential home in Austin, Texas, for adults with disabilities. Along with our residential therapeutic programs, we offer a safe, home-like environment for your family member who needs 24 hour care.

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Individual Care Plan

As soon as a new resident arrives, we develop an Individual Care Plan according to each residents specific needs. The individual care plan provides a synopsis of the resident, medical issues, and special needs accompanied by challenging, but attainable goals and objectives. It is developed through the collaborative effort of the resident, their family, physicians, psychiatric team, and the BROOKSIDE FARM staff.

Dedicated Staff Counselor
Each resident is assigned a staff counselor who provides individualized interaction and support. The counselor employs thoughtful observation in planning particular programs and activities that will appeal to each resident’s interests. To ensure that the resident’s needs are being effectively addressed, the counselor is actively involved in managing and in assessing the goals and objectives of the individual care plan. By developing a personal relationship with the resident, the counselor becomes an advocate and mentor.

Diet and Exercise
Nutrition and exercise are always a prime focus at BROOKSIDE FARM. We prepare home-style meals with an emphasis on variety and healthy food. The meals are planned seasonally and with resident input. For their fitness, walking is integrated into each resident's daily or weekly routine and a personal trainer visits the house twice a week. Activities that encourage movement are a regular part of our weekly activities.

Dynamic Activities
Work, home, and community activities are considered vital to our residents’ experiencing a complete and rewarding life. Group activities and classes are encouraged in order to promote a family-oriented atmosphere; however, individual interests and hobbies are equally encouraged too.

  Massage Therapy

  Exercise and Personal Trainer
  One on One Companionship
  Music Therapy
  Equine Therapy

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