Community Care Program:

Our Community Care Program  provides Case Management and Support Services  for clients living in the community. The primary goal for each individual is to gain independence by learning to understand, accept and effectively manage their illness. Our Community Care Program empowers the resident to live successfully in a home or an apartment setting,. Services can also be provided in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Staff members skilled in dealing with the resident’s individual needs including healthy life styles, nutrition and fitness, management of symptoms and illness, educate and counsel the clients and their families. A knowledgeable, involved approach to crisis intervention and management help our clients and their families move through difficult episodes in a way that promotes healing and growth.

As needed, clients can progress smoothly to levels of care that provide the appropriate amount of instruction, activity and structure. This program is committed to the continuity of care and services during these transitions; coordinating care with community clinicians, social services, families and other support providers.

The Community Care Program includes the following services:

• Phone calls 2 times daily with program staff

• 24 hour on call staff for emergencies

• Personal visits weekly by program staff

• Medical management – Medical appointments monitored and/or scheduled for clients as needed. Staff serve as a liaison with physicians and psychiatrist 

  for continuity of care.

• Support Programs – Education to improve the understanding of the illness and strengthen coping skills and social support programs to manage stress or   

  any setbacks that may occur.

• Financial Management – Bill paying services and/or guidance from staff on financial matters and personal budgeting.

• Nutrition Management – Diet and menu planning assistance as well as grocery shopping with a knowledgeable staff member.

In addition, we provide assistance with private and public transportation, home maintenance, employment, shopping, volunteer opportunities and recreational activities.

We know that a knowledgeable, hands-on approach to support will truly make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families. This program is committed to providing services and support that empower individuals to live happy, productive and rewarding lives.

            We believe that our staff are the heart of this program and are integral to our ability to provide exceptional, customized care!


Care Programs:

community care

Community Care Program:

-Case Management Services
-Coordination of Care
-Bill paying services
-Phone call check-ins daily
-24 hour on-call for emergencies
-Two visits per week by staff member

For individuals who are ready to transition to an independent life style, our Community Care Program is committed to providing an ongoing support structure with services that empower individuals to live productive and rewarding lives.

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