For 21 years, BROOKSIDE FARM has been successfully providing mental health services in Austin, Texas.  Our founder, Nina Morrison, has provided care for individuals in the Austin area for over 40 years.  Her specialty is in therapeutic residential care for adults with mental health and intellectual disabilities.

Our Purpose

Through appropriate management of medical and psychiatric needs, coupled with support for life's daily activities, we assist adults with disabilities to achieve and maintain their maximum level of independence, health and ability. We carefully evaluate current and historic medical records, and the specific needs of each individual to develop a customized, individual care plan that will maximize their quality of life.

Our Belief
BROOKSIDE FARM's daily operations revolve around two beliefs. One, we believe that people with psychiatric disabilities and intellectual disabilities can lead fulfilling lives. Two, we believe that a caring, home-like environment contributes greatly to success and functional ability. The philosophy of BROOKSIDE FARM is centered on structure, support, and recognition in order to promote positive behaviors and to ensure a quality life experience. It is very important that each individual living at BROOKSIDE FARM is appreciated and feels a sense of belonging and respect. At BROOKSIDE FARM, residents are fully supported to attain their maximum potential in all aspects of their lives.

Our Vision
BROOKSIDE FARM is a caring, family environment that is focused on delivering the highest quality of personalized care to each individual resident. In our home, we work and learn together in a manner that empowers individuals to experience a fulfilling life.

Our Mission
Our mission is to create an environment that fosters individual achievements with the support of a family unit. We provide programs and activities that promote community integration and high quality of life.

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